A Message of Love and Inspiration
(channeled from the Ascended Masters )

You are a child of the light,
Of spirit, truth, beauty and being.
Allow yourself to expand and experience all that there is to experience in this existence.
Allow yourself to become immersed in the many adventures and joys that exist when one opens to that which is around them.
Experience the beauty and the wonder of creation.
Open your hearts, open your minds, to all that is around you.
Allow it to fill you, to fill your senses and awaken you to even more possibilities. To Greater thoughts, awareness, achievement and creation.
Allow it to envelop you, allow it to express itself through you,
allow it to become, you.

The light of your being radiates far and wide, in ways and shapes and means that you are not aware of .
As you experience the greater expansion of who you are, you shall come to know this as truth.
Embrace who you are and who you are becoming, for in truth you are most special, most wondrous indeed.
Each of you are unique, each of you are loving expressions of divine creation of that which is the creator of all things.
Expand, enjoy the light and love of being.

So be it.

In Love, Light and Blesings,