Change Your Mind - Change Your Life
Gary M. Spolansky
Reiki Master/Spiritual Teach

         The opinions we hold of ourselves have often been influenced by views or observations held by others. This determination is often quite arbitrary and based on assumptions rather than careful observations or understanding. As a result, we are each limited to some degree by the thoughts we think and the imprinting we have received from our family, friends, schools, society, etc. It has caused us to look towards others - rather than ourselves - for answers, insight and resolution of the issues we experience and the illnesses or diseases we contract. In effect, we have disenfranchised ourselves by allowing others to determine who we are and who we should be.

         There are ways however, by which we can change our views and awaken to the realization that it is we and only we who control our destiny. More specifically, it is we who have the power to make the choices that change our reality. We, who can choose to let go of the old thoughtforms that create fear, lack and limitation. We who can choose to say, I know I can release the thoughts and fears that bind me to the issues and illnesses keeping me from knowing my true self. In terms of intellectual knowledge, there will always be those who know more than we do in a specific area(s) or subject(s). Yet, when we move away from that thought and consider that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience” - that when we choose to relinquish the thoughts that tell us we can’t do something - we can open to the higher aspects of our self and not only encourage, not only create, but actually become the means by which we heal ourselves. This concept applies to the underlying thoughtforms as well as the conditions manifested by those thoughtforms.

          So the question arises - what can I do to release these limitations? In answer to this question, I offer these two simple, yet highly effective exercises drawn from my book “The Higher Self Handbook of Tools for transformation” (59 Ways to Create a New You!).

         The first is asking your Higher Self to assist you to release the experience and/or thoughtforms that underlie the condition, ailment, issue or trauma that you wish to release at its source, as it serves your highest good. In making this statement, you are expressing your conscious intention to release the energy holding the issue. In this form, it is no longer a wishful thought but rather a focused, active communication between you and your higher self. If you use this regularly, you will experience significant results.

         The second exercise concerns forgiveness. We’ve been taught to grant forgiveness to others and ask for the same from those whom we offended. This is a good practice yet, not always possible. Consider that some whom we have been hurt by or whom we have hurt are no longer available for us to speak with. Maybe they’ve passed on, moved or we’ve lost touch in some other way. My suggestion is to ask for forgiveness for yourself from yourself by petitioning your own Higher Self. Remember, you are a divine being of light who is entitled to forgiveness for even the most heinous offense. Difficult as it may be to believe, forgiveness will be granted immediately just for the asking. If there is any experience where you’re holding on to guilt, regardless whether or not your actions were justified, let it go through this request. You’ll be amazed how powerful this simple exercise is. We expend considerable energy to hold our issues in place even if we don’t realize it. By utilizing these exercises, we can reclaim our true self and personal power more fully.

         We all yearn for the time when we will have cleared the thoughts and experiences that have held us a captive to our pasts. A time when all will walk the path of unconditional love and acceptance. Yet, in order for that day to come, each of us needs to take an active role in our own healing. Take the time to look at your life. To look at who you are and who you have been. Look at who you are becoming and know - that in each and every moment that you choose to embrace the higher, clearer insight and awareness of your higher self, your soul...every time you release a fear, uncertainty, trauma or experience of the past that has held you within its thought form - you move forward a corresponding amount. Regardless if what is released is minute or significant. Each and every time that you do this you add to the degree of light that comes through you. As you continue this process the light grows brighter. As the light grows you begin to shine more fully - becoming more sustained and sustaining to those around you,. Your reality begins to shift and the things that you thought certain and immutable are now becoming more and more fluid. This allows you to expand your view of the world and how you perceive it. You begin to realize ever more fully that it is you who have chosen to create your reality as it is and it is you and you alone who will change it... Just by changing your thoughts!!!

                                 And you thought it would be difficult....

Gary M. Spolansky is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Author located in Westbury, NY. Offering lectures and workshops throughout the metropolitan area. E-mail him at by phone at 516-333-7404.

Guided thought
There will be those times when you ask yourself how is it that I have come to this point in time . What is it that has brought me here? This is a question that all will ask at one time or another and it is necessary for you to understand that the thought process that contributes to your reality is one that continues to change and grow and expand into a grander view.

Very often when an individual is given a diagnosis of a particular ailment or condition there is usually a specific course of treatment prescribed. This is true whether it is in conventional or alternative medicine. This approach however , does not usually allow for the individuals own insight and understanding of the conditions fears and experiences that created the condition in the first place. As most who read these words would likely agree - all complaints, all issues or illnesses have as a part of their cause an emotional and mental aspect. This aspect varies to a certain degrees dependent on the specific issue or symptoms present.

when we are diagnosed with an illness or some sort of physical limitation a thought form is crated that places a limitation on our experience. This limitation keeps us from seeing beyond the current experience to a greater awareness. By being labeled in a particular way we are being told that the means to releasing this condition are to be found in those methods already known and understood thereby limiting our ability to look beyond the immediate. the general thinking is that it must be handled in a certain way or it will never be resolved. This form of limitation however, is seen not just in medical issues.

. This is most readily seen when we allow ourselves to believe that because we were labeled with a particular illness or disease, that we can not heal it on our own. In this respect we have given away our power to another who we hold as being more knowledgeable, more capable, more aware than we are.