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Ion Cleanse

Detox Foot Bath


Experience the same feelings of Relaxation and Peacefulness

as if you had

spent a full day on the beach

in just

45 minutes

How does it work?          

        Every day, we are exposed to the many chemical pollutants that are in our environments.  Whether it be the air we breathe ( fouled by car pollution), the food we eat (fouled by chemicals and pesticides) or the water we drink ( fouled by toxic wastes from industry) we each store a portion of those toxins and pollutants in the cells and tissues of our bodies.           

        The Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath is a machine that creates a gentle flow of negative ions which travel from your feet throughout your body.  Through osmosis - the toxins, pollutants and other environmental irritants held in the cells and tissues of our bodies begins to lift off and be released during the session. This process of osmosis is the same process that occurs when you walk along the beach and the negative ions of the water energized and recharge you.  

Using the Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath brought amazing results. I initiallly felt a gentle tingling throughout my body as relaxation came over me.  After 3 treatments, my energy level increased tremendously!  My joints were less stiff, my facial skin clearer and cleaner.

Pauline Esposito

Reiki Master/Kinetic Energy Healer/Master Herbalist

The Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath is a new service we offer and one I have experienced personally and feel it is really wonderful.   In fact, I flew out to California specifically to learn about this machine and its benefits.

As of this date, I have had several Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath’s and in each case, I felt significantly more relaxed and energized.  It also gave me a real sense of satisfaction - knowing that I had taken a solid step to a healthier me, by clearing myself of the accumulated toxins and pollutants that we're all exposed too, no matter how healthy we are. -

Gary Spolansky 

Shamanic/Empathic Healer/Reiki Master

Not bad for just 45 minutes

of your time, right!

And for Just


What's Not to Like! 

But That's Not All!

    If you feel like really pampering yourself, why not
combine your

Foot Bath with a Reiki Session

for an even deeper and even more luxuriously 

relaxing experience.  

For a limited time as part of this special offer, you can experience both


  Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath


Reiki Session

for the

special price of just

Isn't it Time you Treated Yourself
to some
Well Earned Peace and Relaxation?

Separately or  Together

   You'll Feel Great!

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