Ending The Cycle Of
Negative Thoughts


In the aftermath of the World Trade Center disaster, I asked myself what could I do to change the world? There is so much acrimony between people, cultures and nations; jealousies over what one has and doesn’t have. Feelings of hurt, pain, fear and neglect run rampant. Truthfully, I was somewhat overwhelmed with this question, after all I’m just one person I said to myself. Then I remembered an old expression. If a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world, it can create a hurricane on the other side. This is not the exact wording but it illustrates my thought. I may be one person but I can affect others by my actions and so can you.

Each day, we have many thoughts some positive, some not. However, our thoughts have power even if we don’t realize it. As an example, think about those times that you’ve said something in anger to another or them to you. That anger or hurt (depending on which side of the encounter you were on) often remains, even though the event has passed. A familiar situation where this occurs is while driving. How many times have you gotten annoyed with another driver due to a reckless act on their part? Then ask yourself, how many times have they gotten angry at you? More importantly, think about how you reacted and how they reacted. How did that feel? If you’re like me, I would guess not very good. Now think of that energy multiplied thousands or even millions of times a day. I think you can see how this can become a never ending cycle, continually building until it reaches a point where it explodes, just like a tea kettle that reaches its boiling point.

I determined that each day before bed, regardless whether I was right or wrong; I would ask for the energy I put out that day to be released and nullified. This was my way of slowing the growth of that cycle.


Before bed, consider all the experiences of the day that stand out in your mind. For each event that has a negative charge on it, ask your Higher Self and I Am Presence to neutralize and release the negative thoughts, actions, statements, etc. you put out that day. Ask that these thoughts be released so that they become harmless and have no further lasting effect. Always add in any way and every way that serves the highest good of all concerned in light, love and truth.


In the days that followed the World Trade Center collapse, I noticed a quietness, a calm in the New York metropolitan area. I live on Long Island and the energy here, while not as frenetic as Manhattan, is still quite hectic. I asked myself, is it the shock of the situation and yes it definitely played a role. But more, was the tremendous outpouring of love and compassion to all those who were affected. I understood at that time, if we can reduce the negativity of our thoughts, then we could slow down that frenetic energy which effects not only New York but the world as a whole. I thought to myself, if everyone became aware of the power of their thoughts and took responsibility for them, in the manner I have described above, it would help to make this world a happier, more loving and accepting place.

It is up to you whether you will practice this exercise and how often. For me it is an answer but not the only answer. Whatever you decide to do is of course your choice and I encourage you to follow your truth and inner guidance to the choices and actions that serve your highest good.