Gentle Thoughts to Uplift your Heart and Nourish Your Soul




Written in a flowing manner that connects through the heart and speaks to our soul "Gentle Thoughts to Uplift your Heart and Nourish your Soul" is a collection of inspirational thoughts that will help you to feel uplifted and empowered.

Here is a sample of the uplifting thoughts you will find inside:

To awaken to a possiblity that is Beyond any you can Imagine, this is the Thought that Inspires all Creation.

Forgiveness of yourself is the best Medicine to ease the Hurt, Pain and Fear of a Guilty Heart.

There is Nothing in Life more Precious than the Life itself.

Honor that Life by Living each Day to its Fullest.

As you read these thoughts - breathe in deeply the essence of the energies imbued within the words.  Allow its essence to join with you...filling you...becoming one with you...

"For each of us there is  atime of awakening - of recognizing that there's more to our experience than following the path of habit and repetition that have become our daily lives.  It's my wish that this book help you to step from that path and embrace the beauty, grandeur and wonder that is you".

Gary Spolansky