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Advanced Tools


Healers Workshop

A New and Unique Program

In this new program Gary Spolansky, MBA/RMt will show you how to intergrate

many different techniques into your healing sessions so that you can give your clients

even more of the benefits they come to you for.

You will learn:

  • New ways to protect yourself from unwanted energies
  • Techniques to help your clients let go of their issues
  • How to bring in the highest light you can work with
  • To listen to your clients concerns without being pulled into their drama
  • Ways to release guilt, regret and remorse quickly and easily
  • A technique that increases the energy you can transfer into your clients and promotes a wonderful nuturing experience
  • A vibrational healing method that effectively breaks up block issues and energies
  • Specific tools to help you accomplish all the above


This workshop is open to all healers who would like

to expand the scope of their practice

Date and Time to Be Announced