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Spirituality 101 - A New Course for Everyone


Everything you Wanted to know about Spirituality but were afraid to Ask!  

"The times they are a changing" sang Bob Dylan in his song "Blowing in the Wind" and what was true then is even more so now!   In this new and exciting presentation, Reiki Master/Author and Inspirational Speaker Gary Spolansky will help you to better understand why the "Times they are a Changing" and how you can easily flow with them.  

Its becoming apparent as more and more, people are looking for a greater conection to their inner sleves and to those people around them that something is changing.  Bookstore shelves are overflowing with books offering insights on everything from your past lives to who you will be in the future, there are articles in newspapers and magaznes, programs on Radio and TV all sugesting that we are looking for new ways to connect with others and ourselves -  it can be overwhelming!  

In this presentation, Gary will explain how these changing times are not just a societally induced fad but actually the basis of a deep rooted change that is affecting each of us at our very core. He'll help ease the confusion by offering you effective tools, techniques and insights that are simple to use and help you become more connected with your own Spirituality.   This will be no ordinary presentation however, as Gary has a unique talent to provide answers to complex or confusing subjects in an easy to understand way based on his many years of leading programs just like this.  

Below are some of the areas Gary will be speaking on:  

The Changing Times - what's really going on and why now!  

Finding your own Spiritual Path - its much easier than you might think  

You are not alone - Why its easier now than ever to be on the Spiritual Path  

Simple and Effective Tools  - to assit you in walking your path  

How your dreams can help you -  find your true calling in life and answer your deepest questions

and much more...  

Please join us for what is sure to be an exciting and very inspirational presentation.    

Date and Time to be Announced

About Gary


Gary M. Spolansky is an Inspirational Speaker, Reiki Master and host of the cable televison program "Spirituality and You!" He is also the author of several books including "The Higher Self Handbook of Tools for Transformation" - (59 Ways to Create a New You) - "The Art of Guided Imagery and Meditation" and "Gentle Thoughts to Uplift your Heart and Nourish your Soul" a collection of inspirational quotes.