Channeled by

Aiesha Michelle

Suppose each soul knows exactly what it is doing.

Suppose each moment is intently and purposely orchestrated

Suppose each player plays their part so magnificently

that you have chosen to forget and be a player in this grand movie, this grand illusion

Ahhh, yet dare to awaken and release oneself to the very truth and essence of your divine beingness

Not to lay down your laurels yet pick up the real jewels and treasures that lay dormant on the inside -

on a treasure chest brimming and overflowing with what is real.

If I had not walked you thru the cave to the treasure, how would you know...?

Be not distraught, saddened or dismayed

Look beyond your physicalness

Cherish and nourish yourself - especially those still making their way thru their own caves of darkness

Extend a hand, a flashlight and share with them the feeling that you stand ready, willing and able to assist.

To know that another is waiting and assisting is all most require

Just to know that you're there, I am there, I am here.

Oh, how steadfast the journey would be - how expedient...

Why - we would be building castles in no time.


You can do more good here! 

Others have assisted, sacrificed their path for yours.

There is much more good you can do outside this circle.


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