The Higher Self Handbook of Tools for Transformation


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Just as the butterfly on the books cover was once a catepillar, the tools in this book will help you more fully express the beauty and the grandeur that is the truth of your being.

This book is a reflection of the author's experience and personal growth over the past 10 years as a Reiki Master, Spitirual Teacher and channel for the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  "This book was designed to accelerate your path of evolution".  As you work with the exercises given, take note of the changes that occur.  In releasing the old hurts and trauma's of the past, you will begin to percieve a new you coming into being.  Someone who is more open, more free and experiences life in ever expanding ways.

Included are tools for :

Releasing stress and promoting deeper more restful sleep

Experiencing unconditional love

Letting go of the pain from lost releationships

Building a true partnership with your higher self

Bearthing exrecises specifically designed to promote inner peace and tranquility

A simple way to release guilt that is highly effective...

and much more