World Peace is Just a Thought Away
Gary M. Spolansky, MBA/RMT

The last several days have seen a significant number of protests and expressions of outrage towards the position of the U.S. government regarding Iraq. Many have joined together to express disdain and dissatisfaction with the manner in which this effort is being orchestrated.

Although actions have spoken loudly, Mr. Bush is still not willing to listen to his peers, let alone We, The People Of The United States - who elected him in the first place. The time has come to accelerate our efforts towards a lasting peace in this region. Although highly beneficial, it is not enough to periodically demonstrate or pray for peace. If we want to create a lasting, permanent change this effort needs to be pursued in a higher, more focused manner. I would like to offer a suggestion for accomplishing this goal that not only serves the creating of a more peaceful world but, helping each and every being upon the planet to experience the creating of that peace within themselves.

It is sometimes difficult for us to perceive or embrace that the events of 9/11 and those leading up to today have been orchestrated from a higher awareness. The question that is often asked is why? In my mind it was to help us recognize, accept and embrace one overall concept -

We are One and what happens to one happens to all.

Embracing this concept is the highest way I can think of to stave off a potential Armageddon and create a lasting peace on Earth that is free from the dictates of fear.

There have been many group and world wide meditations aimed at shifting the energy of particular areas away from war toward peace, a very laudable effort indeed. In every case a benefit was derived, yet it is not enough. Whether it’s one person , 5, 10, 100, 1000 or a million focusing their intent it’s not sufficient if applied inconsistently or not on a regular basis. It begins the process but doesn’t support the continued flow necessary to achieve lasting change.

I ask all who read this message to consider undertaking a practice of sending out prayers and thoughts of peace on a daily basis and throughout the day when possible. It can be for just a few seconds or as long as you desire. Focus your intent not only on those troubled spots of the world but also for the leaders of those countries so that they can more fully hear their own divine guidance.

The most important aspect of this idea is to offer these prayers and thoughts from a place of sincerity and open heartedness. Ask for a resolution that serves the highest good of all concerned and all humanity.

When done in this fashion the effect is greater than just the thought alone. In not restricting our prayers by setting conditional resolutions no matter how well intentioned, we open to the possibility of creating true miracles. Not only can this help the world at large, it will most certainly benefit each individual personally that participates. By allowing yourself to be a vehicle through which healing and enlightenment flow, you can not help but experience the same.

This is an opportunity for each of us to speak out and say no in a way that many of us have never been able to experience before. When we were children, we often lacked the power to say no and to establish boundaries that would be respected by our parents, teachers, etc. Even now as adults, we often find it difficult to speak out in a way that we feel we’re truly heard. This is a unique opportunity to say no in a manner that serves each of us and our higher good as those who are evolving into awakened, enlightened beings.

Working together as one we can affect the world as never before. As we embrace the common realization that we are all one and the same with none better or above another; with none beneath or below any one else. We will create a new world order that supports the establishment of truth and honesty in love and light for now and all eternity.