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Its All About Fear


Gary M. Spolansky, MBA, RMT


        Fear is the most insidious of adversaries and often masquerades as a protective device for the Ego, causing us to push away the things we desire most for fear of being hurt or disappointed.

        Have you ever had a negative experience or trauma and vowed to never let it occur again? If you‘re diligent, you might well succeed in your efforts. However, what did you miss out on by choosing to never place yourself in that same situation? Did you miss out on an experience because you were afraid to trust yourself not to make the same mistake? Did you push away opportunities, that had you reached out for them - might have worked out better than you thought? Everyone has had these kind of experiences but although we recognize their limitations there are times when we feel powerless to release them.

        The most common reason we avoid this path is the fear of reliving the old hurts and wounds. However, it’s been my experience that this course of action is potentially more destructive and painful as it can eventually lead to physical afflictions and/or infirmities. We’ve all heard the expression “Stress Kills” and this principle is the basis of how fear damages our physical body. Stress is not the situation but how you react to the situation and when fears of the past are triggered and suppressed or ignored the blocked energy has no where to go, so it sits and festers. Eventually it will seek release in whatever form it can manage and unfortunately, that form is often the physical afflictions and/or infirmities mentioned above.

        Personally, I like to follow the martial arts principle that states “ never go against your opponents strengths but rather flow with them”. If the opponent is your fear and you seek to resist your fear, it only pushes it down deeper where it is more difficult to reach. If, when you recall that fear or an experience of the past and can allow it to flow out and release - it will help you to let go and become more open, more self assured as you relinquish the blocked energy and that allows you to become more fully present.

        One of the best ways I have come up with so far is to ask for the assistance of God, your I Am Presence, higher self, religious figure or whomever you feel comfortable calling upon to assist you to release the fear while also asking the this action serve the highest good. This practice will help you to let go piece by piece - as you’re ready without fear of taking on something that’s bigger than you can handle. If you feel that it may be too much for you to do on your own, seek the assistance of a competent professional who can help you break through more effectively.

        Please remember that as we move ahead into the higher, more refined frequencies of the 4th and 5th dimensional energies, the need to clear and release the fears of the past (blocked, non-moving energy) become more pronounced. A regular practice of recognizing when you’re holding onto fear and asking for help to release it can make a significant difference in helping you to transit these new energies in a gentle and flowing manner.

Until next month, be well.