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Meditation for Beginners


Lead by

Gary M. Spolansky

Reiki Master/Motivational Speaker




“The Art of Meditation

Through Guided Imagery


Have you tried to meditate but just can’t sit still?


Does your mind wander?


Would you like to experience the benefits of true meditation?


!!!!!Than this class is for you!!!!!!


Contrary to popular opinion, meditation is not difficult. 


In fact, did you know that you do it every day when you daydream, get lost in a good book or movie? Yes, it’s true, Anyone can do it ! Come learn how easy it really is


This workshop is designed for those who want to get the most out of their practice and will cover the following:


  •       The Myths and Fallacies of Meditation
  •       How to avoid the mistakes that most beginners make
  •       Ways to create a peaceful and supportive space
  •       Simple techniques to stop your wandering mind and gain the most from your meditation experience

          Everyone attending will also enjoy the beauty and peace of a group meditation

Date and Time to Be Announced