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Services Offered


Reiki and Shamanic Healing - Private Sessions - $85

Bank United Employees Special Pricing - $75

Discount 4 Session Package - $280

        Reiki can assist you to let go of the physical discomfort and pain related to old ailments or recent afflictions. It helps to release the underlying issues resultant from Physical, Emotional and Mental stress in a gentle and supportive manner. Sometimes the results are immediate and other times it may take somewhat longer, depending on the nature of the ailment and how long it has been present.

        When Reiki is combined with the added energies of Shamanic and Empathic Healing Healing results are significantly increased.  Even issues, fears, doubts and ailments that have been long standing recede at a significantly increased rate. One of the unique attributes of this form of healing is that after just one session people commonly report feeling substantially calmer and more peaceful with a greater feeling of emotional poise and self confidence. The best part of this treatment is that belief is not required, simply being open to the process is sufficient to receive great benefits.  Additionally, there is nothing an individual needs to do other than relax and be open to the process.

        Experience for yourself how this gentle yet powerful method of healing can help you let go of the afflictions, trauma's and insecurities that have held you back from enjoying life to its fullest.

To schedule and appointment please call our office at 516-640-0397.


In Home and Hospital Visits

A traveling fee is added to each session.

For out of area visits fees are determined by distance traveled.



Distance Reiki/Shamanic and Empathic Healing Sessions - $85

Bank United Employees Special Pricing - $75

4 Session Discount Package - $280


A Distance session offers the same benefits as a private session. Additionally, the recipient of this healing can be located anywhere in the world as distance is not an issue.  Regardless of whether the individual is in the next town or on the other side of the world, they can and will be benefited by this treatment.

Another unique aspect of this healing is that it can also be sent to those who have passed on to aid them in their transition and acclimation to the other side. It is a wonderful gift for those who have lost someone close.


Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath - $50

Bank United Employees Special Pricing - $40

Experience the same feelings of Relaxation and Peacefulness as if you had

spent a full day on the beach in just 45 minutes.

How does it work?

Every day, we are exposed to the many chemical pollutants that are in our environments. Whether it be the air we breathe ( fouled by car pollution), the food we eat (fouled by chemicals and pesticides) or the water we drink ( fouled by toxic wastes from industry) we each store a portion of those toxins and pollutants in the cells and tissues of our bodies.

The Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath is a machine that creates a gentle flow of negative ions which travel from your feet throughout your body. Through osmosis - the toxins, pollutants and other environmental irritants held in the cells and tissues of our bodies begins to lift off and be released during the session. This process of osmosis is the same process that occurs when you walk along the beach and the negative ions of the water energized and recharge you.

Using the Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath brought amazing results. I initiallly felt a gentle tingling throughout my body as relaxation came over me. After 3 treatments, my energy level increased tremendously! My joints were less stiff, my facial skin clearer and cleaner.

Pauline Esposito - Reiki Master/Kinetic Energy Healer/Master Herbalist

The Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath is a service that I have experienced personally and feel it is really wonderful. I have had several Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath’s and in each case, I felt significantly more relaxed and energized. It also gave me a real sense of satisfaction - knowing that I had taken a solid step to a healthier me, by clearing myself of the accumulated toxins and pollutants that we're all exposed too, no matter how healthy we are.

- Martin Bauford


If you feel like really pampering yourself, why not combine your Foot Bath with a Reiki/Shamanic Healing Session for an even deeper more luxuriously relaxing experience.


Combined Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath and

Reiki Shamanic Healing Session - $135

Bank United Employees Special Pricing - $95

Isn't it Time you Treated Yourself
to some Well Earned Peace and Relaxation?

Separately or Together

You'll Feel Great!

Reiki Training and Certification


Reiki I Workshop - $140

Bank United Employees Special Pricing - $125

      This workshop is for those who wish to learn the basics of Reiki energy and how to use it to help themselves and others heal and release the old thoughts, experiences and traumas of the past which keep them from becoming all they can be. The workshop covers the following topics:

History of Reiki

How Reiki works and Why

Meditation and Attunement to Reiki

Learn hand positions to help heal yourself

Learn hand positions to help heal others

Certification as a Reiki I practitioner

Once you are attuned to Reiki, you will always be attuned to it.

It will always be there for you whenever you need it.

So give yourself the gift of attending this workshop -
you'll enhance your spiritual growth, physical and emotional health and receive
benefits that will last a lifetime!

Includes CD of Class, Workbook and Certificate


Reiki II Workshop - $175

Bank United Employees Special Pricing - $150

         This workshop is for those Reiki I practitioners who are ready to move to the next level.


       In this workshop you will receive attunement to three Sanskrit symbols that allow you to access a greater degree of Reiki energy. As a first level practitioner, you are open to just 10% of the Reiki Ray. This workshop will open you to 80% of the Reiki Ray. You will also learn how to send energy a distance regardless if that distance is across a room or around the world. On this level, the past, present and future are all accessible to you. Time and space no longer have meaning as you can send energy to anyone, anywhere and at any time. This includes sending to those loved ones who have passed over. Yes, it really does work and they really do feel

Includes CD of Class, Workbook and Certificate


Reiki Master/Teacher Workshop - $575

Bank United Employees Special Pricing - $525

This workshop covers the following:

Ethics for Reiki Masters

Attunement to 4 New Reiki Symbols including

the Usui Master Symbol

Specific training and practice to perform

Reiki attunements for all levels

Instructions on how to run your own Workshops

for all levels of Reiki Training

Guided Imagery Meditations ready for you to use

in your own Reiki Circles and Workshops

Presentation of your own personal

Reiki Lineage

Certificate confirming your

Elevation to the level of Reiki Master/Teacher