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The Poetry of

Katherine Ann Horowitz


Katherine has been writing poetry since she was a young girl, always seeking to express in words what she saw and felt in her heart.

The images portryaed in this collection, reflect her thoughts, felings, insights and imagination.

As you read the poems within, let yourself see through her eyes. You will come away with a new appreciation of beauty, nature and life.

Read an excerpt from Katherine's book

Why I Write

(While Fondly Remembering Dr. Suess)

Because it rhymes and rhymes. It sings. Oh how it sings. But it also dives. And when it dives it loosens the soul. It seeks out the secret gold. It finds niches and caves. With bats and dark days. And then it soars into the blue and then it finds You. Or you. I write to explore or ignore. To seek the innerness of me. Or You. Are you here. Are you there. Sometimes you are everywhere. Inside outside me. Binding me freeing me. Writing this ride of life. The high of words. Lows of innermost yearnings not meant for speech. But to beseech thee. And Thee. I write to pray. Pray to write. Nugget words that wisdom holds. I hold the hand, the heart of the child. And write that child onto the page. Good boy or bad boy I write with frenetic pace. Lace me with love, child. Drown me in words of love, child. You were once under my wing. And now you sing. Or sob your own life. Journey through your words of breath. Breath them up or down. Roll them around your tongue. Pen them to the page. They will tighten the noose. Or help you grow. Grow me a garden of words, child. Petunias and zinnias and daisies aglow. Pinks reds yellows. Light me a fire inside. Blaze me. Blanket me from the cold. Blizzard the page with words of snow. Fun me and pun me. Stun and summon me. To write or not to write. Is not the question. Be me and free onto the page. The life of the word. Lord me over your bottomless thoughts. Silence me. Loud me. Crowd me with joy and pain. Stain me with ink. Pencil me in. But never obey. Write your own way. Journey within. Heal without. Stumble and shout. Don't be polite. Be brave. Gravy me with your praise. Ode to joy. Oh today. Write me. O say can you say.

As a special thank you for ordering her book, Kathy will personally sign each copy ordered before it is shipped.

It's just $15 and the shipping is free.