Announcing Gary's

Newest Book

          This book is an uplifting exploration of Healing.  As you read the stories of the people who have been helped by Shamanic/Empathic Healer and Reiki Master Gary M. Spolansky, MBA/RMT, the question you are most likely to ask is                          


"Would this Healing Method Work for Me?" 

The Answer is a Resounding


         The stories in this book are based upon Gary's experience's with people from all walks of life - the very young to the very old, the infirm and injured to those who have passed on.  It discusses in detail how ailments, issues and concerns that have not been effectively addressed by conventional methods may indeed be healed now,  the thoughts and insights you'll gain from this book might very well change your view of what is possible.

If you've ever wondered whether there is

more to Life and Healing,

this book is for


Just  $14.95



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