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Fountain of Life Energized Water - Uses

Listed below are some of the benefits that can be received from this product
and ways it can be utilized:

It can help provide an energy boost .
Can be used as an aid for internal cleansing.
Can help support and enhance the auto immune system
Can help to reverse degenerative diseases such as arthritis.
Revitalizes the organs and brings new energy thru greater hydration
Helps to restore balance to the body and release excess water retention
Can be used as a mouth rinse to promote healthy teeth and gums
Can assist in the release of Chronic Fatigue
May offset the effects of insomnia

Topical Applications
Apply with a Q-tip or cotton swab to the specific areas.
Can be used to energize bath water
Can be used to heal cuts, wounds and bruises more quickly
Can be applied to cleanse rashes or scaly skin
Can be used to release muscular aches and tensions
Hydrates and rejuvenates skin at the cellular level
Can be used as anti-aging hydrator for wrinkles, age spots, skin discoloration, etc.
Can be added to body lotion for skin conditions such as psoriasis
Can be placed on a specific chakra to clear an issue or blockage
Can also be used to alleviate the pain of Arthritis, Neuropathy and other neurological conditions
Can be used to heal Athlete’s Foot

Can be used on flowers and plants to enhance their growth and beauty
Can be sprayed on lawns and trees to help their growth and strengthen their durability against the elements

Use to set an intention such as clearing space, raising vibration, etc.
To be used in cleansing a space - put on fingers and flick or
spray throughout room
Can be used for Master/Teacher anointments
Can use the same method for clearing space for high meditation

To more directly assist in releasing old thoughts, issues, traumas and experiences you can place an intention in the water through your thought prior to drinking it.

Can help accelerate the connection with spirit so that greater
intuitiveness and creativity result
Can be held and the effects of the water will be felt


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