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CD - True Stories of Psychic

Experiences as told by people

just like You and Me!

    Listen to the stories of

ordinary people who speak of their

extraordinary experiences with

the supernatural. 

    You'll hear of the departed

husband whose image appeared on

the TV set, although the TV wasn't


    You'll be amazed by the visitation

of nature spirits clearly visible to

the naked eye on a Carribean Cruise


    You'll also hear of the woman

who saw her father walking towards

her in broad daylight although he

had passed many years earlier

and much more. 

     This CD was recorded live

during a group discussion on

Psychic experience and

explains why the CD is entitled

as it is.

Price: $11.45 - includes sales tax and





CD - The Power of Affirmations

Create Greater Self Acceptance,


We've all had experiences that have

told us we're not good enough and

hold us back form accepting ourselves

for who we are.  This CD will help you

to reprogram those negative experiences

with positive suggestions that upift you

and increase your self esteem.  As you

are guided into a deeply relaxing meditative

state, Reiki Master Gary Spolansky helps

you to gently release this old programing

by speaking positive affirmations that allow

your subconcious to overwrite the negative

programming that keeps you from

accepting yourself.

Watch your confidence grow each time you

listen to this CD. 

Price: $11.45 - includes sales tax and






CD - The Power of Affirmations

Create Financial Abundance and

Prosperity, Now!

The introduction to this CD explains

how and why affirmations work and

how to use them most effectively. The

following tracks take you on a deeply

relaxing journey to a place of peace

and calm where you can experience

for yourself the power of affirmations. 

All afirmations in this CD are spoken

aloud and there are no subliminal


Price: $11.45 - includes shipping and

sales tax






CD - The Power of Affirmations

Lose Weight Now!

This is third CD in the Affirmations

Series and seeks to help you

release the thoughts and fears that

cause you to overeat.  Structured

to release the issues that keep us

from fully embracing ourselves.

If used regularly, you will see your

desire to eat foods that are not

healthy for you dissipate while you

begin to eat more healthily. 

This CD can be used on its own or

inconjunction with the guidance of

a qualified nutritionist.

Price: $11.45  - includes shipping and sales tax





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Accepting Yourself - Channeled

from the Ascended Masters

Wonderfully inspiring andempowering

information that clearly and gently

reminds you that you are worthy of

being accepted for who you are and

not who others wish you to be.

Price: $11.45 - includes sales tax and





CD - The Nature of Fear

This disc features a group discussion

of the sources of fear that are

present in our society and upbringing. 

The group speaks about where their

fear comes from and gives suggestons

on how we can overcome it!

Price: $11.45 - includes sales tax and





CD - And the Truth Shall Set

You Free - channeled from the

Ascended Masters

This CD incorporates the heightened

energies and channelled messages

from the I AM that I AM, Mother Mary

and Quan Yin.

This disc can help you gain a deeper

understanding of who you are - freed

from the thoughts of the past.

Allow yourself to be uplifted

by soothing messages of loving


Price: $11.45 - includes sales tax and






Embracing your Power -

channeled from the

Ascended Masters

This CD features channeled

information on how to recall and

reestablish your own power by

acknowledging your own truth and

self worth.  Energetically enhanced

you will recieve the benefits of this

CD as if you were there during the

original recording.

Price: $11.45 - includes sales tax and





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